About Us

Our Mission is to bring the same high-quality customer support that the
Fortune 500 companies provide, to every eCommerce business.

Live Chat Ninjas is one of the fastest growing startups based out of Collingwood, Ontario. Our Mission is to bring the same high-quality customer support that Fortune 500 companies provide, to the customers of startups & online businesses.

We have an energetic team filled with customer service pros, constantly ready to serve each & every call we get.

In terms of company culture, this is what we say to our new hires.

We treat everyone like they’re friends of ours. There is no boss-employee status, nor do we believe in ageism or unnecessary formalities – but we do value one thing:

“Give and receive respect.”

You can call everyone in the company by their first name, as long as you’re not insulting them or looking down on them. Got a problem with someone? Resolve the issue quickly, or have your team help you do so. There are no egos allowed here, so leave yours at the door.

We provide a friendly environment, where you are free to talk with the person next to you and crack jokes whenever possible. You can even share your own ideas that you think would benefit the company! We take great care of the people who trust us, and who enjoy collaborating with their team. That said, we expect our staff to communicate with dignity, kindness and positive vibes. We do not tolerate negative vibes of any kind.

So, when it comes to making friends, we want you to treat others the way you’d like to be treated – and we’ll do the same! New team members should be able to get along with all our current staff, and to resolve any issues accordingly. Trust is essential, so make sure to communicate effectively. Everyone should feel welcome here.

In short, here’s what we expect from a cultural standpoint:

  1. Be kind, and always spread positive vibes.
  2. Be a likable person.
  3. No egos allowed! Remember, we do not tolerate negative vibes.
  4. Do your best, and allow yourself to grow along with the company.
  5. Only work with us if you love what you’re doing.

Being a call agent is a tough job. Customers, visitors, and even your team members rely on you for quality, availability, and support. We love spreading positive vibes, and we believe that in society, what you give is what you receive. A single negative vibe from you and everyone will suffer. If a customer feels they’ve received poor service, and if their questions remain unanswered, your colleagues may get negative vibes later on in their shift – and the company could lose a loyal customer!

You’re about to take on a great deal of responsibility, so make sure you’re ready for the challenge. Every action of yours will be acknowledged. Consequently, we encourage only the most responsible people to apply to work with us.

Ecommerce business owners represent the majority of our customers, and the visitors who visit their websites are the people with whom we chat on a daily basis.

The full responsibility of each customer is on you. You are the person responsible for any updates from the customer, and for keeping your colleagues on top of everything. Have you forgotten to update something? Get ready to face the customer in a phone call, and acknowledge that he or she may berate you. But hey – you got yourself into trouble. Put in the effort to avoid letting that happen, and your experience will be smooth sailing.

Maintaining high-quality, professional calls are crucial. Make visitors happy with your positive vibes, and do what you can to encourage the customer to appreciate you directly. All the credit will go directly to you! And the more customers appreciate your work, the more perks (incentives) you’ll receive. We ensure customer satisfaction because our clients are the reason we’re joining forces, doing our work and having fun in the process. If we make them happy, they’ll make us happy every minute of every day. They know more about their companies than anyone else, so listen carefully and stay on top of any feedback you receive from them.

Here are some key points we encourage you to remember:

  1. Be responsible –for both yourself and your colleagues.
  2. Take care of your customer, and prioritize his or her needs.
  3. Quickly update your colleagues on any new feedback or FAQs.
  4. Maintain high-quality communication and enjoy the perks.

Be on time, and give your colleagues a break from their own shifts.

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