Frequently Asked Questions

What hours do your representatives work?
Our team works 8am-6pm, Mon-Fri.

How will you guys know enough about my products and/or business?
We will schedule a one-on-one session with you during our Trainability Test program. This will give you the opportunity to explain how your business really works, and to inform us of any standard customer questions you’d like us to know about. The longer our relationship, the more our representatives will help your business grow.

Who is responsible for Live Call Ninjas, and where are they? I’m worried about security.
Our entire team is located in Collingwood, Ontario. These are the people on whom LCN relies every day in order to ensure world-class customer service. All of our team members are in-house, so no one will ever compromise your security. We are a boutique organization.

What system do you use for taking calls?
We use, which is a high-quality call center communications company.

How many calls do you take concurrently or how much load can you handle?
If you sign up for 1 account, we will handle 1 concurrent call at a time. In case if we get more than 1 call, those visitors would wait until the previous visitor ends the call with our representatives.

Is there a contract?
Not at all! Everything is month-to-month, and you can cancel our service at any time.

What will I (or my team) have to do?
All you have to do is let us know what you’re selling. Live Call Ninjas will take care of everything else for you.